Meet Adam Leaper our very own action man!

Adam Joined Crown Waste Management some 20 years ago after a globe trotting career left him wanting to be closer to home. Outside of work Adam enjoys traveling and sight seeing across our beautiful countryside and spending time with his family.

What Does Your Role Involve?

My role is a varied role but my main duties include liaising with our recycling facility managers and keeping our recycled products moving for onward recycling.adam at waste management

What are Adam’s Skill Sets?

Adam is highly skilled member of the team who has a skill set not know to any man! Adam has a Hgv licence, holds licences for operating huge construction machinery including Articulated Dump trucks, large excavators, Material Handlers and recently passed his loading shovel licence at our Aggregates site. We saw the capabilities and skill early on in Adam’s career so have supported him in adding all the above licences to his CV.

What’s Your Career Background?

I joined the armed Forces at 16 and learned to drive – In a lorry no less! This gave me the confidence in driving from a young age.
I travelled all over the world with the parachute regiment and after several tours of duty all over the world, I suffered some serious injuries whilst on tour which meant I had lengthy recovery. When I recovered I was lucky enough meet the managing Director of Crown Waste Management who gave me a chance to learn and I love learning and a challenge. That was some 20 years ago!

What are the Most Rewarding Elements of Your Role?

The most rewarding part of my Job is being part of a team that want the business to thrive and grow. I have been part of the original team at crown from the early days and we have all worked tirelessly to promote recycling and professionalism. I am particularly proud to be part of the team which has obtained the compliance and safety accreditation FORS.

The most rewarding part is when you complete a job for a customer and know they are happy with the service they received. I always go out of my way to be helpful to ensure this satisfaction. There have been some jobs where the customer has overfilled the skip and instead of simply saying I cant take it away as it is, I’ve advised the customer on taking out a few items to ensure it is safe and continued with the collection.

What are the Most Challenging Parts of Your Role?

Anything that delays me from my work done. Heavy traffic, bad weather and the logistics of having to manoeuvre my large HGV vehicle in tight spots. I love to get my Job done and done well, so when I face delays it is disappointing as I’m always striving to do my best.
adam at waste management

What do you Pride Yourself on?

I’m a glass half full type of guy, so I think my positive outlook on life spills over into my work. I always give 100% and like to ensure that I do the best I can; in this role that means ensuring that each customer I deal with is happy with the service. When a customer calls into the office to say thanks for the service I’ve provided, that gives me a huge buzz! I also pride myself on pushing forward in whatever I’m doing; I won’t sit still because it’s comfortable, I like to challenge myself and be continually learning new things.


Why is Crown Waste Management a Great Place to Work?

The Managing Director believed in me almost 20 years ago after my return from the forces. He put his trust and faith in me and had helped me develop my career and has constantly pushed me to increase my skill sets. Crown Waste Management has continued to invest in me with continued learning and training; being part of Crown Waste Management has allowed me to have a varied role and get back home each evening. In my previous career I was away from home for months at a time. Being part of Crown Waste Management enables me to have a great work-life balance. I love the way Crown Waste Management recognises potential in people.

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