We have recently noticed a sudden rise in fly tipping in and around the Nuneaton area. We understand that choosing a waste management company can sometimes be difficult with the vast amount of choices being advertised online and especially social media! So we’ve put together the top five things to look out for when choosing a company to collect your waste. This list is the Crown Waste bible and the reason we are one of the chosen waste management companies in the West Midlands.

1. Environmental Credentials

Do you know where your waste is going? Working with a highly accredited waste company with a recycling-led focus will ensure that you are compliant with TEEP legislative guidelines. Crown Waste Management are an environmentally conscious company. We have invested heavily into our recycling plant. Which enables us to frequently reach our target of recycling approximately 95% or more of all the waste we receive.

With focus on segregation at source, it is important to work with a waste management company that can help you to demonstrate improved recycling rates and support your environmental policies.

2. Customer Service

Issues can occur from time to time, but most importantly is how the issues are dealt with. We are continually working to improve our customer satisfaction rates as we all know if you’re treated well you’re more likely to come back. Whether it is ensuring that queries are dealt with swiftly and in a professional manner, or operatives leaving the customer site tidy, good service is of crucial importance to every member of the Crown team.

3. Reliability

Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of not having your waste collected when promised? In addition, consider the possible Health & Safety risk that this could pose to your property or business. Regular collections in a timely manner are first and foremost what our customers report to us as being their top priority.

4. Additional Services

We all want to know that our waste is being disposed of in a responsible manor and recycled where possible. Every business is required to prove that they are disposing of their waste correctly. Looking for a waste management company that offers everything you need is vital to who you select. Over the years Crown has expanded their facilities to manage practically all types of waste, whether it’s separate food waste bins, secure shredding or hazardous waste disposal, Crown Waste Management covers all bases, resulting in you saving time and money.

5. Price

Now we all know theres always someone cheaper, but be warned, if they dispose of your waste illegally you are the one who will receive the fine (as the initial waste producer). You can easily check to see if a waste management company is registered here.  At Crown Waste we understand the importance of getting the balance right between a fair price and quality of service.

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