Crown is proud to be joining an elite group of operators that boast exemplary levels of safety, efficiency and environmental awareness as a FORS Gold member

Working across many sectors including construction & infrastructure, manufacturing, leisure & hospitality and commercial property we recognise the impact of industry and the consumption of natural resources and waste output across the UK. As a modern sustainable waste management company, Crown is helping change hearts and minds by instilling the principle of the circular economy to reduce, reuse and recycle waste to reduce consumption, emissions and our overall carbon footprint, for ourselves as well as our customers and supply chain partners.
Crown Waste Management FORS Gold

We work hard to set shared goals and manage continual improvements to drive greater efficiencies and improve cost reduction to help our customers achieve greater performance, improved margins and profitability whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

With our mission to become the UK’s leading Sustainable Waste Management Provider by educating and influencing businesses on how to extract value from their waste and take action in reducing their environmental impact, we use the most up to date strategies, processes and equipment to lead the way by providing innovative and tangible solutions to shape and exceed our customer goals whilst building more sustainable futures for businesses & communities.

This is why we are so proud to be awarded the FORS Gold accreditation as a statement of our intent as we work hard to improve industry standards.

Over the last 12 months, Crown and our dedicated team have taken the company from Bronze to Gold which demonstrates our commitment to positive change. We have also been ISO accredited for Quality, Health & Safety and Environment, plus we comply with CLOCS Standards for Construction Logistics and with TfL’s WRRR (Work Related Road Risk).

What is FORS Recognition Scheme?

The FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) aims to improve the overall quality of fleet operations; highlighting fleet operators that are above the rest when it comes to the best practices in efficiency, safety and environmental protection. Accredited fleet operators are open to many benefits including eLearning, training courses, toolkits/guides to improve their fleet operations and more.

What does this mean for Crown and our customers?

FORS has had a tremendous influence on what we do and how we do it. As we continue to expand we have invested in new vehicles (euro 6), improved route planning and staff training to reduce emissions, operating costs whilst investing in our people and our partners.

We have taken a long and serious look at our fuel and emissions and by ensuring all the drivers have completed the Lo-City e-learning course both for silver and the classroom course for Gold. As a result, we have seen improved fuel return per vehicle which has also reduced our emissions and operating costs.

We are very committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff. The directors have acknowledged that having a greater understanding of the staff’s health and wellbeing (physical & mental health) will pay dividends in staff lifestyle and wellbeing, whilst supporting the business recruitment, retention and value creation.

As a high growth waste management and recycling business, we can see that achieving Gold status will enable us to attract and retain quality members of staff. We have committed to looking at recruiting apprentices via an approved government scheme and we are negotiating with a national provider, we are also looking at committing job fairs more particularly with ex-service personnel as part of their resettlement programme as many armed forces personnel do gain HGV licences and excellent administrative and problem-solving skills during their military career.

Social & Environmental impact

We have regular noise assessments across the whole fleet using the App demonstrated on the practitioner’s course, to allow us to cover the mandatory requirements, however, we also looked deeper across all operations to ensure we do not exceed the engine noise, loading and unloading etc.

Our vehicles are all equipped with noise suppressing systems, we only use genuine parts to maintain the vehicles noise integrity. Our latest vehicles are also fitted with the new generation exhaust systems which make the operation quieter, this is the standard we are working to as we replace the older vehicles as part of our sustainable growth and development strategy.

What does the future hold?

We are extremely committed to reducing if not eliminating emissions from our operation and we shall continue to work with our vehicle suppliers and machine manufacturers to find alternative fuelled vehicles & machinery. We are also committed to finding alternative energy sources (solar power) for our recycling operations as well as recharging systems for any potential electric vehicle we purchase going forward.

“Achieving the FORS gold accreditation means a great deal to me, the company and my drivers. It is a high point of my business and something to be very proud of as it demonstrates the ongoing commitment to the business, my drivers and overall in promoting safety and environment protection whilst improving the public’s perception of the transport, waste and construction industry.” Kash, MD

At Crown, we harness the latest innovations to drive the industry forward both from a performance, environmental and social perspective. Our modern technology, Gold standard processes and passionate team are what sets us apart on our mission to achieve zero to landfill targets across the coming years.

To find out how to unlock the value from your waste, book our free sustainable waste consultation today.

For more information about the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) head across to their official website, where you can find out what makes our Gold accreditation a success worth sharing.

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