If you need to get rid of a substantial amount of waste, one of our large skips makes the job much easier. 

Our large skips include those which are 30 and 40 cubic yards, making it easy to dispose of even the biggest volumes of construction waste. 

Accepted waste for our skips include:

  • Garden and Household Waste
  • Scrap Metal
  • Soil
  • Bricks
  • General Dry Waste
  • Wood and plastic
  • Hardcore, rubble, paper and concrete

However, they’re not suitable for items like televisions or monitors, medical waste, large tree trunks, explosives, oil or fuel, fridges and freezers, fluorescent light tubes, batteries and perishable waste.

We will deliver your skip to your location in the West Midlands and are always happy to help with obtaining a permit if needed. The latter is necessary if your skip isn’t placed on private land.

Based in Nuneaton, Crown Waste Management Ltd want to make the process of hiring a skip quick, affordable and stress-free.

If you need a large skip for your project in the West Midlands, simply contact our team today.